ISP Logo Suspended on 14-12-2016

Whois/Customer Contact Information of not validated since over 15 days

The domain was Suspended on 14-12-2016 as the new Registrant of this domain has not acknowledged their contact information. DForDomains has sent daily reminders to the Registrant to confirm their contact information, by clicking on the link in the email.

As 15 days have elapsed since the contact information was updated and confirmation for the same has not been received yet, was Suspended on 14-12-2016. Activate by clicking the below button and approving the link sent

Resend Confirmation Email

Confirmation mail sent to
Unable to send email. Please retry.
If the email address listed above has been incorrectly entered by you, send a FAX to +91.7533008557 with a letter providing your domain(s), accurate Name, Email Address and Contact details, along with any of the following photo-identification document, to allow us to update your email address and verify your details:
  • Notarized Statement, or
  • Passport, or
  • Valid Driver's License, or
  • Article of Incorporation, or
  • Military ID, or
  • State/Government issued ID, or
  • Birth Certificate